4 Tips to Type Faster and Better

Typing is a daily activity for most people, whether they use a PC at work or spend time texting or browsing the web from their phones. If you’re one of those daily typers who’d like to improve their skills and maybe even get a little bit faster at it, the 4 tips below are made for you! Put this information to use and you’ll impress the coworkers with your great typing skills.

1.  Practice Makes Perfect

The more that you type, the faster and better at it you’ll get. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so if you keep on, keepin’ on, you’ll eventually get where you’d like to be.  Make typing an activity you perform in your spare time. Take a few typing speed tests online. Challenge your friends. There’s many ways to get better at typing and have fun while you’re at it.

2.  Use a Typing Aid

Many free and low cost typing aids like ultrakey exist. They’re easy to install onto your device and to use to improve your typing skills. Use one of the typing aids to improve speed and accuracy. Some of the world’s fastest typers use these special tools and so should you.

3.  Maintain Proper Posture

When typing, it is important to maintain proper posture. Not only does proper posture minimize back pain, headaches, and other problems, it ensures that you are properly aligned with the keyboard, thus reducing mistakes. Sit with your back straight with your face forward at a slight forward tilt.

4.  Slow Down

Even when deadlines are there, it is better to slow down because it reduces errors and time spent correcting them. You won’t type better or faster if you attempt to go faster than what your fingers allow.


Use these tips and you’ll get better at typing in no time at all!