Quick Features Of Battery Maintainer

The battery maintainer allows you to do testing and repair work. Of course, it remains the case that you will continue to be able to use a 12 to 24 volt battery maintainer to carry out all necessary charging work. But the idea is for you to always be able to charge fully drained and lead to acid batteries that go up to 230Ah. Your battery maintainer does exactly what its name says. It maintains your battery, and safely too.

24 volt battery maintainer

You do not need to unplug your battery maintainer, so it is able to produce your charges twenty-four hours a day. There is an intelligent microprocessor built in to the device. It protects your materials against reverse polarity, short circuits, open circuits, over-currents, overheating and certainly overcharging. The maintainer is also spark proof. Protection against all kinds of faults are built in as well.

Variable input compensation runs at one hundred percent. This is in spite of varying AC input voltages. Another built in feature is the auto memory. When restarting the maintainer, it returns directly to its last selected mode. It is a highly efficient device, able to run on high frequency with interchangeable connectors. The interchangeable connectors have eyelet terminals and alligator clamps included. The rapid charge technology installed empowers your maintainer to safely charge at twice the rate of conventional chargers.

The battery maintainer is compatible with multiple battery chemistry types. It can charge without encumbrances even at low temperatures. Apart from being able to withstand extreme temperatures, the device is dust and water resistant. That, in a brief nutshell, is your quick features of the twelve to twenty-four-volt capacity battery maintainer. And it is plain to see that this is a highly sustainable device well worth using to save power and generate more energy.