What is Broadband?

Many people want broadband internet, but not too many know what that means. Broadband basically means that there is a wide range of connections that are used for your computer, meaning that many signals can travel down one connection.

This can increase someone’s internet speed, and there are four ways to have a broadband connection: Using DSL, Cable, Fiber-Optic, and Satellite.

The four ways to get a signal

·    Digital subscriber line (DSL): This uses unused telephone lines to run a signal to your computer without slowing down the phone service, however, the computer has to be close to a switching station in order to get the fastest speed.

·    Cable: The Cable TV provider also gives the internet, and the bandwidth is shared between users. However, the more people that are on, the slower the speed is, which can cause a problem if the users live in a populated area.

·    Fiber-Optic: This method is extremely fast when compared to DSL and Cable, but is also the newest and takes a while to set up, so having access to this is mostly based on location.

·    Satellite: This is the slowest method and also the most expensive if people don’t live in rural areas.

Benefits of broadband

Computers using broadband can multitask and have programs running in the background, which most people need, and most computers can also network and be connected with one another and be constantly connected to the internet.

Several broadband power dividers can also help keep things going in an internet filled home, allow for people to do activities such as play games and stream movies, and can even replace a traditional phone line with an internet service.

broadband power dividers

This becomes especially useful in a world where the computer and communication industries aren’t slowing down and having the fastest speed often means being able to do more.